Lei giving: An Ancient Tradition

There is a tradition with friends and family who have lived in Hawaii all their lives; when someone comes to visit or has to leave paradise, you are given a slice of heaven in the form of a lei. The smell of that familiar scent of plumeria or any other fragrant flower is the best way to feel welcomed to the islands. Or if you are not as fortunate to live there, at least you can take some of islands home with you. Leis are a Hawaiian tradition. They are...

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Purchasing Hawaiian Tropical Flowers: The Perfect Gift

Send the Spirit of Aloha! Traditionally the Hawaiian word Aloha means many things: hello, goodbye, love, peace, affection, compassion, and appreciation. When flowers are given, this is an expression of this gift through the most beautiful reflection of the islands. Tropical flowers are magnificent and seem to be of a totally different caliber of beauty. They grow in the most spectacular of nature’s elements. The tropical rainstorms, the penetrating sun and rich soils provide the best growing conditions. Some of the great attributes of tropical flowers are their longevity and...

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