Flower Care


    1. 1. Unpack your flowers immediately! We suggest taking them out of the box and submerge all the tropicals (except the orchids) in the bathtub for about 10 minutes They will think they are back in the tropics.
    2. 2. Trim up to ½ inch oft the stems or to desired length.
    3. 3. Fill your vase with water, if using oasis, soak for at least 10 minutes.
    4. 4. Place flowers in vase. When arranging tropicals, place the large ones in first, then the smaller ones, finishing with the most delicate.

    Keep flowers away from heat sources, air conditioning drafts, and direct sunlight. Re-cut stems once a week. Use clean water with or without floral preservative Tropicals have a long vase life, up to two weeks


    Protea care is fairly simple. Just follow these guidelines and enjoy your beautiful Protea basket!

    Protea will come arranged in a handmade basket. They are arranged in floral foam (oasis), which should have some water in it.

    Simply check with your fingers to make sure that it is wet. Watering once a week should be plenty.

    Place the flowers in an area with good air circulation (protea generate considerable heat) Keep away from direct sunlight or extreme heat

    NOTE: Protea can be dried to create lasting - and stunning - arrangements. After 3 weeks or so, stop watering the basket and place in a cool and shaded room. In 2-3 weeks, their vibrant colors will have softened to dusty pinks and browns The flowers may now be used as a dried arrangement - this time permanently.


    The wreath will come carefully packed in a box, remove the wreath. The flowers have been artfully arranged onto a base

    Place the wreath in a sink or bathtub and water inside the area of the base. Don't water directly onto the flowers.

    Allow this to drain and then hang or place the wreath where you desire.

    We find that these wreaths last and last and will bring anyone who receives it months of enjoyment. It can also continue as a dried arrangement. Once you have taken it down, you can purchase a preservative spray from the florist and store it for use for the following year.


    Anthuriums from Hawaii are known for their long vase life. Depending on variety and season, this heart-shaped favorite can retain its straight-from-the-tropics freshness for up to 45 days. Flowers are individually wrapped. Proper anthurium care is important the moment the beautiful flowers arrive.

    1. 1. Unpack the flowers immediately and carefully. Creasing or folding the flower will cause the flower to darken.
    2. 2. Trim ½ to 1 inch off the stems, being careful not to crush the stems.
    3. 3. Submerge whole flowers for 10 to 15 minutes in luke warm water.
    4. 4. Place the flowers in a vase with fresh water (with or without a floral preservative).
    5. 5. Trim the stems occasionally and provide the vase with fresh water.

    Avoid keeping anthuriums at temperatures lower than their ideal 55 degrees F for any length of time. This way you'll reduce the likelihood of a chilling injury, which causes the flower to darken.


    These exotic flowers have over 30,000 species and are a symbol of love and beauty. Caring for orchids is not as difficult as most people believe, and proper care will give you a gorgeous flower that lasts for years. Your orchids will arrive wrapped in tissue and cushioned with wrapping.

    1. 1. Unpack the orchids, separate the stems and allow them to have some space.
    2. 2. Cut the stems and place in vase tepid water.

    Do not expose orchids to extreme temperatures.

    Cut the stems once a week and give them fresh water.