Lei giving: An Ancient Tradition

There is a tradition with friends and family who have lived in Hawaii all their lives; when someone comes to visit or has to leave paradise, you are given a slice of heaven in the form of a lei. The smell of that familiar scent of plumeria or any other fragrant flower is the best way to feel welcomed to the islands. Or if you are not as fortunate to live there, at least you can take some of islands home with you. Leis are a Hawaiian tradition. They are a symbol of Aloha, love, appreciation, and accomplishment. The Kumu Hula is a Teacher of traditional Hawaiian Hula and Mele (chants in the Hawaiian language). Each student is taught about the symbolic significance of each flower or seed lei that is worn for specific Hula dances and events. Graduations, May Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, or Birthdays are an excellent occasion for giving leis. They are worn around the neck, on the head (haku lei), ankles, and wrists. Around the world, people have celebrated life's most special moments with traditional flower leis. A timeless tradition, spanning centuries and continents. The ancient Greeks recognized people of distinction and crowned the victors of the Pythian games. In modern times, this beautiful custom has fully blossomed in the islands of Hawaii, where many people wear leis as part of their everyday attire and, more notably, to celebrate special moments. This custom comes from the Hawaiian culture, which considers the head and shoulders sacred parts of the body. Present a lei, and give someone the most beautiful and unique floral gift in the world!
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