Purchasing Hawaiian Tropical Flowers: The Perfect Gift

Send the Spirit of Aloha!

Traditionally the Hawaiian word Aloha means many things: hello, goodbye, love, peace, affection, compassion, and appreciation. When flowers are given, this is an expression of this gift through the most beautiful reflection of the islands.
Tropical flowers are magnificent and seem to be of a totally different caliber of beauty. They grow in the most spectacular of nature’s elements. The tropical rainstorms, the penetrating sun and rich soils provide the best growing conditions. Some of the great attributes of tropical flowers are their longevity and versatility.
Traditionally, one gives different flowers for specific events. Welcoming someone to the islands, or saying goodbye, it is a tradition to give someone a lei. Sending a message of sympathy, a gift of a protea wreath, a special lei, or anthuriums would be so appreciated. When it is time for celebration, a magnificent arrangement of exotics, will assist in bringing the brilliant magic of the islands to whatever touching moment it may be. These very special flowers bring the message of Aloha and love to the hearts of all.
Some varieties and uses of Exotics: Anthurium- heart shaped brilliant glossy spathes on elegant stems Weddings, Birthdays, Memorials. Get well Birds of Paradise- resemble a brightly colored bird in flight Thank you, Congratulations, Birthdays Gingers - several varieties of red and pink coneflower All Occasions Heliconia – beautiful, upright or hanging, brilliant colorful flowering bracts. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations Psittacorum - mini heliconia that resemble bright parrots Orchid Flowers- they are the largest family of plants in the world. Orchidaceae are well known for the many structural variations in their flowers. Weddings, Birthdays, Thank You, Graduation, Condolences, Get Well Greetings Protea- brilliantly colored feather like coneflowers, many varieties, shapes and sizes Weddings, Memorials, Holiday Centerpieces, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well, Congratulations Tropical Foliage- Wide variety of green, red, pink, yellow, and purple leaves and grasses. Fresh Flower Leis- Variety of colorful handmade garlands for all special events
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