Heart Shaped Anthuriums

Valentine’s Day will never be the same and roses a thing of the past, as these tropical florals take the front seat. There are hundreds of varieties of Anthurium, both in shape and color. Ranging from white, crème, soft champagne pink, rose, salmon, fuchsia, orange, raspberry, violet, purples, and the whole spectrum of reds. The flowers themselves need very little assistance to fill a vase with personality, and joyful play. When choosing Obake variety, the flowers can exceed 6-8” in length, the colors a combination of white and green or pink and green, red and green with the most stunning shaped flowers! The tulip anthuriums, do not have ridges on their face, but appear smooth and smaller and come in pastel colors. These plants are grown on volcanic rock in Hawaii, Florida, and South America, as they love tropical temperatures with fine mist and good drainage. Easy to grow with the right conditions. Click HERE to find out more, about these beautiful flowers.
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