Swimming With Dolphins May Be Hazardous To Their Health

Over the last few years, the excitement of “swimming with dolphins” has grown in popularity.  There are several places in guidebooks and in tourist holidays that even include this amazing event. However, recently research has shown that we are disturbing these lovely creatures. The numbers of dolphin coming into the safe bays of the Hawaiian Islands is dropping severely. If you have ever gone to a bay where they come in to frolic you will inevitably see people on shore pointing and shouting and quickly putting on their snorkel gear to rush out in order to swim with the dolphins. When you get in the water, if you're lucky to make it out to these very fast swimmers, there tends to be a lot of kicking and wild swimming to catch them, this is not only disturbing to you, but now it is known to be disturbing to the dolphins. They of course will want to play, but the reason they are there is to rest. There is now a protection act in place by the states rangers along with the National Ocean Atmospheric Association, who are imposing new regulations, which will lead to a stiff felony charge for harassment. There are other groups who are continuing to do very important research for all aspects of the ocean sea life, with special projects focusing on the preservation of wild dolphin migration and safety. For more information regarding this issue: go to
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