Is it the Holidays Already?

The holidays are officially upon us. Obviously, once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, everything starts transitioning to the holiday season. Even if we aren't mentally close to being ready, all we can do is hope that stores don't start playing Christmas songs too soon and burn us out on our favorite songs before we even have a chance to start shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. Before we get too ahead ourselves, let's talk about Thanksgiving. After all, it's only 3 weeks away. What is a better gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner than a centerpiece of tropical flowers from Hawaii. It's unique, beautiful and who doesn't love Hawaiian Flowers. What an even better surprise to have a centerpiece sent to friends and family who you aren't with, and are wishing you could be with them for this special Holiday. To make things easy, we have our Seasonal Favorites page where we have highlighted the most appropriate Hawaiian flower centerpieces for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner display. The arrangements that include Protea Flowers, like the Coco Grove Basket are a unique arrangement as the Protea flower can be dried to last for years. Coco Grove Basket Protea are one of the more easy flowers to dry as you can just stop watering them and let the arrangement dry as is. Put them in a dark, well ventilated place and after 2-3 weeks, they will be keep their form and be ready for your next family dinner. If you want to ensure your protea will last, here are some simple instructions to follow: Step 1: Choose 3-4 flowers and remove all the leaves from their stems. Secure the flowers together at the bottom of their stems with a rubber band and hang upside down from a wire hanger. Step 2: Hang them in a dark closet or basement and keep away from direct sunlight. Step 3: Leave them for 3-4 weeks until they are completely dry. After they are dry, remove them from the hanger and cutoff the rubber band. Step 4: Mix a solution of one part Glycerin (from a craft store) with two parts water and put the mixture into a vase (6" of the liquid is fine.) Put the cut flowers into the vase and leave in the solution until you see droplets of the mixture on the flowers. This can take about a week. Step 5: Repeat steps 1 and 2 and hang until completely dry. The glycerine solution will make the leaves and petals less brittle and will ensure these special arrangements will last for years to come. The clock is ticking, so order your Holiday Arrangement now and don't forget to take a look at all of our tropical flower arrangements to send Aloha for the Holidays.
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