Orchid Vanda Care

Vanda (pronounced VAN-dah) orchids are mostly warm and full sun growing plants with colorful flowers, including blue, red, orange, and yellow. Originating in tropical Asia, they are easily grown in warm climates, and the show from one spike can last for eight weeks or more, and vigorous plants, can often bloom twice a year. Vanda Light They enjoy full sun in the morning and afternoon, but shading at mid day. Their leaves should be a light green color, and a darker green color indicates too little sun. Vanda Temperatures Temperatures for this orchid should be warm and humid for optimum plant growth. The ideal day temperature is 75-85 degrees F., while the ideal night temperature is 65-75 degrees F. Warmer temperatures mean faster growth, which must be balanced with higher humidity, air movement, and increased water and fertilizer. Vanda Water These orchids are epiphytes in nature, and are used to drying out between the rains of their natural habitat. Water should be applied copiously when the plants are growing, but the roots must dry quickly. Vanda Humidity A high humidity is essential during the growing season, from early spring through late fall. Humidity of 80 percent is ideal. Air movement must be strong. Vanda Feeding Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer applied at one-quarter-strength solution at every watering. Use a high-phosphorus fertilizer every third application to promote flowering. Vanda Potting Potting should be done in the spring every two to three years, or when the potting medium begins to deteriorate. To get more great information about Hawaii's flowers, click HERE to go to
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