Leis are the Hawaiian Tradition for Pre-Summer Events

It’s a common fashion statement in Hawaii to see people wearing leis. The season starts in April, during the Merrie Monarch Hula and Cultural Festival, continuing with the Hawaiian Lei Holiday of Lei Day-which falls on May Day into the very popular graduation and wedding months of June and July. Oh, of course, lei giving is part of the tradition of Hawaii, so no matter what time of year it is, this beautiful expression is a way a of showing Aloha. One of the most popular lei giving events is during graduation ceremony. In Hawaii, graduates statewide try and out do one another to see how many leis can be worn and still are able to breathe. Often referred to as “piling”, where friends and family members embellish the graduate with several leis, soon making it impossible to recognize the person inside. It is not uncommon for it to become a masquerade of sorts, as this joyful ceremony is shown reward with several gorgeous leis The spring and summer time is the perfect time for all of the fresh flowers to be in season, which brings an abundance of color, shapes and hypnotic and delicious fragrance. Congratulations Graduates of 2010!!!
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