Mana- The Spiritual Healing Energy of Hawaii

The magic one feels the moment you arrive on the islands is certainly a tangible force. It takes just a matter of a day or two to feel the effects of the healing properties of this extraordinary place. The ancient Hawaiians call this energy Mana and for them they recognize this natural spiritual power that emanates from every aspect of Island Life.  Nature is such an undeniable force in Hawaii. It is evident in the way everything grows so quickly with vibrant health, it is no wonder that that same effect penetrates us to the core. While visiting Hawaii you may wish to spend some time taking a walk up to a waterfall, or travel to the rainforest, where there is an abundance of tropical Hawaiian flowers.  Experiencing the wilder side of the islands you can get a sense of this powerful vibrancy of nature. The elements are a perfect balance that allows the “Mana” to sustain all life in Hawaii’s extraordinary beauty. While -->
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