Hawaii Clean Energy Investment May Bring Jobs

Plan Calls For Homeowners To Turn To Solar Power

OAHU, Hawaii -- One key push in the governor's plan will come in creating new jobs in green industries. It will be linked with a way to try and wean the state off fossil fuels. At Kahe power plant on Oahu energy is generated when the turbines, switches and stream all work to produce the electricity to power the island. The growing demand from homes and businesses is a beast to feed, but the governor's plan to turn away from fossil fuels includes getting more people to turn to alternative energy and getting more homeowners to turn to solar power is key. The governor's plan involves floating bonds so homeowners who don't have to have the cash to install solar systems can later pay the bill through their property taxes. One solar company is hailing the news.
Read the rest of this article at HERE. The growing demand from homes and businesses is -->
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