Edible Tropicals

Flowers have been adorned for their use in celebration, art, ceremony, botanical uses and the kitchen for centuries. The medicinal properties of flowers have been used since Roman times and still today are used in pharmacies around the world. In many other cultures of the world, it is a common practice to use flowers in cooking and culinary arts. There are so many edible flowers, that we could spend a year on these delectable treasures.   During your next special dinner or event, bring color and island living into your foods. There are several flowers in the tropics that are safe and delicious to eat. Here are some wonderful ideas: Carnations (spicy with hints of clove) cut the edges and put in a tropical fruit salad. White and Red ginger flowers (have a light gingery and fragrant flavor); you can use the pedals or the young flower shoots in cooking. Gardenias, (are a light, sweet flavor). Good for using in cakes. Hawaiian Hibiscus (red) makes a lovely tea and Tuberose – (Individual florets are used by the Chinese in vegetable soup). It is primarily appealing for its redolent nectar scent. CLICK HERE for a Hibiscus Petal Tea recipe. Gardenias, (are a light, sweet flavor). Good for using i -->
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