Featured Orchids- Phalaenopsis

With spring just around the corner, we have a lovely selection of Hawaiian orchids just bursting into flower - so you can select from our myriad of varieties, in several colors, from large to miniature, with fragrance or without.

Do something different from the norm this year and enjoy the boundless pleasure an orchid brings to that very special person in your life.  Orchids provide gorgeous spray displays of long lasting flowers. They love a south east facing window, where they can have some space around them to show off their blooms.

What better way to express love than the ultimate gift of a flowering orchid?  Hawaiian orchids are hardy varieties and will endure just about anything, save getting too cold or sitting in a dark corner.

Overwatering can also bring an orchid to a depressed state.

I find that as long as they have good drainage after watering, do not sit in a damp pot and are able to enjoy the sunlight of a cheerful window, they will continue to bloom for years to come.
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